Lodjakoda / Barge Hall

Designed by Salto Architects Construction by Ehitustrust The Barge Society got a whole ensemble of buildings that gave a new breathing to the bank of Emajõgi in Tartu.Lodjakoda / Barge Hall is an ensemble of 3 triangular semi-open facilities. The main building with a hall large enough for shipbuilding hosts seminars, workshops, events and a cafe. It has become popular for kids’ workshops and team events. Take a ride on the historic river barge Jõmmu or a viking ship and […]


A 30-degree-oak-plank media console

A 30-degree-oak-plank media console July 11, 2020 It’s been a while since my last encounter with woodworking. During Art College times I got addicted to bringing those plywood chair designs to life. Fun times. We’ve looked for a good TV console for some time. While we saw some beautiful work from local design shops like Furgner, we couldn’t really find the one. So… while cleaning the basement on one of those stay-at-home pandemic weekends, I looked at the pile of […]


Italian kitchen design gets tested

I was requested to shoot images of ArcLinea branded kitchens for the Estonian interior & lifestyle magazine Eramu. ArcLinea is a high-end Italian kitchen brand. The plan was to make interior shots of kitchens already installed in homes and later have an Italian meal prepared by an Italian cook in the example kitchen at the resellers’. This is how it turned out.