The Wedding Experience

It’s about your day, not the hours we spend

We’ve never fully grasped the idea of “hourly wedding coverage”. It does not really matter if we stay with you for 6 or 12 hours.
Your wedding day – be it a backyard one or in a castle, 6 hours or 14hours – it’s the most important event of the weekend. Period.

1 + 1 is more than 2

Us photographing means there are 2 of us making sure everything goes as expected. If your friends insist on having a group shot while your grandma sheds a tear of happiness, we can handle it.

We NEED you to be able to take the time to feel gorgeous and in love. Without a hint of any worries.

I’ve been thinking long and hard how to best describe Jaan and Sigrids photographing style..And I can’t.
If I did not know better I would say they are magicians rather than photographers Thank you so much, Jaan and Sigrid.

Pia & Joakim, 
Bankeryd, Sweden

Your first images

will be ready the day after the wedding, so that your army of friends on Facebook has something to Like and pour you over with compliments. The full gallery within 14 days.

You create the memories, we take care of them

A pre-wedding photo experience is what we provide as a part of what we do.
…As well as a hand-crafted, custom designed artbook.

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