Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why don’t you have a price list on your site? Because we’re not gonna lie – we are not the cheapest (nor the most expensive, by far). The price does not make us special, the service, the images and the attitude does. We look for couples who deem photography an important part of a wedding. That is why we want to at least chat with you for a few minutes about your wedding and you.

Do you work internationally? We love the idea of a destination wedding and we’re available for booking all around the world.

Robert & Irja's wedding at Ammende Villa, Pärnu, Estonia

Where are you based? Tartu, Estonia.

Do you always have two photographers at every wedding? On every full-day wedding, yes. It makes it so much more carefree for us and you as well, not to mention the variety of locations and angles we can shoot from.

How many photos do you deliver? Normally between 400 and 600 images for a full day.

Do you edit all of your photos? Yes, nothing is straight out of the camera.

When will we get our photos? You will get the first sneak peek with about 10-15 images within 24h after the wedding for you to share, so that your friends have something to give Likes to, if you so prefer. Within two weeks after your wedding you will get the full set in a web gallery with downloadable files.

How do we get our photos? You will get the full set in a web gallery and the high-res files as a download, plus you will get the files on a USB stick and your album, of course. That is a package to wait for 😉

Can we print the photos ourselves? Yes, you can print the photos yourself. None of the files are watermarked, they are yours to use and share.

Do you offer albums? Yes, we offer high-quality hand-bound wedding albums by QTAlbums. You can see what they look like here.

Do you shoot portraits as well? Yes. We’re glad to be involved in any shoot that is about real emotions, real stories, be it a portrait, family or engagement session. But it should be a bit more than sitting in a studio. It should be a place where you feel comfortable.

Do you offer engagement sessions? Yes. In fact, the engagement sessions have become one of the cornerstones that we build the trust with our couples on. There’s really no better way to connect initially than doing a simple and fun engagement shoot. Besides, you won’t be camera-shy on the wedding day.

Engagement shoot at Kadriorg, KUMU, Tallinn, Estonia -

Do you meet with all your wedding couples before the big day? We meet our couples to get to know them better, if at all possible, and take a walk at the venue with us. That has been so with all our couples. You can’t be just a “client” for us, we need to be your friends, really, to listen and tell your story, if you are our couple.

Do you offer hourly wedding coverage? We believe in doing things from start to finish, so we have so far shot a full day at almost all the weddings we’ve been to. But if yours is a private event lasting only a few hours, we can work it out. Be sure to ask for a package.

What does full-day coverage mean? A full day means you say when it starts and when it ends. We are at your service from the early hours of preparation, make-up and getting ready until midnight (or later). We don’t really count the hours but the average wedding day for us lasts for about 12-15 hours.

Do you offer payment plans? Yes, we do. There is enough budgeting stress on the couples already. And we understand that for many people, this is the most they are spending on photography in their lifetime.

Do you have backup gear? Yes. After all, the tangible things left after a wedding, are usually the rings and (you guessed it) the pictures. So it’s kind of important to be prepared.

How did you start shooting weddings? [Jaan] I studied photography for 4 years, shot my first few weddings just after that in 2006, then shot for interior and architecture magazines, trained enthusiasts and students, and rediscovered weddings in 2013 and 14. Because of the stories, the people, the diversity. But most of all – because of the emotion and what the images mean for the couples. A magazine editor’s “thank you” is not the same as a wedding couple’s.

How can we book you? Email us and we’ll send you all the information you need. To book a date we require a signed contract and a booking fee deductable from the price. We can’t hold any dates without those two things.