November 12, 2014

The thank-you card that gave us away

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When I said that Rob and Irja’s wedding was kind of special for us – that is exactly how I meant it. They were a great couple to work with, it was Sigrid’s first full-day wedding shoot with me.
A few weeks ago we got their thank-you card with a sincere message inside.

For those of you not very good in Estonian, the message is as follows:

Dear Jaan and Sigrid,

We wish to thank you again for your fantastic job and the help and advice on our wedding day. The images are just great!!!
Good luck with planning your wedding!
P.S Apologies for taking so long to pick the images for the album.

Before you ask…
Yes, we got engaged. No, we have not set a date, so please don’t ask 🙂 Thanks!

The “special” part is that Rob & Irja were the first people to know. We came to Pärnu to scout the locations and discuss details in the schedule a week before the wedding, which was on Aug 9th. We sat down at Villa Wesset, a few blocks from the venue itself, and grabbed some diet cokes with heaps of ice cubes. Because it was a perfectly hot beginning of August.
Rob & Irja arrived, and a few sentences in, Rob asks: “So how long have you two been engaged”. We looked at each other still having that happy-sneaky kind of wink. And Sigrid says: “Since this morning”. Me: “True, a whole two hours.” And then we couldn’t really concentrate for 15 minutes or so.

And I guess that made us shoot their wedding a little differently than any of the weddings we will ever shoot. (Sorry, 2015 couples :)) But what we do like is hearing the story of each of the couples, because all of you are special in your own way. And as much as we can help it, we don’t want to be strangers who are there just for the wedding day and not seen before or after that. Every wedding is a journey for us, with the phone calls, location scouting(s) pre-wedding shoots, your hesitations on the hair stylist and, well, all of it. And we like being a part of that journey, as we already are for next year’s couples.

Before Rob & Irja, being a wedding photographer meant a lot less to me than it does now. Thank you guys for being a milestone on me and Sigrid’s journey!


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